Checkers Background History Influencing the Game

Checkers has been a popular challenging board game that has been making headlines from ancient Egypt until today. The appeal of the game to both high and low and rich and poor people have brought it to countless shores since the earliest times. Here is a short checkers background on events that molded the game to what it is today.

We begin the journey by taking a peek at how ancient Egypt came up with a board game that was somewhat similar to modern checkers. This was said to be one of the precursors of checkers known to man. This later revolved to another early checkers version popularly called Alquerque. This board game was so popular that several countries soon had its own version of it.

Alquerque was played on a board with grid lines, not yet squares, and the checkers movement was somewhat similar with modern checkers. But one day a brilliant Frenchman thought of using the board of the then popular chess as a checkers board. The idea proved effective. Not only could they play chess with the board but also checkers.

The idea was to use the black squares of the board as the battle field of checkers. The white squares served only as checkers background on the board. When the idea was used the popularity of the game became more widespread. Soon, checkers was played widely in Europe, especially in England and Scotland. Other countries also developed their own checkers variants.

Two main types of checkers were soon in use. The first one was Go-As-You-Please or GAYP checkers and the other one was 3-Move checkers. Other checker variants used "flying" kings which were crowned pieces that jumped over several squares. Some kings then took all directions when moving but could only move one square at a time. Thus, different styles of playing checker pieces were observed.

Checkers championships also have a great impact on the development of the game. The emergence of great champions who held national and world titles made an indelible mark in the history of checkers. The most famous national championships were those of America, England, and Scotland. In national and world tournaments there are categories for individual and group players. In the group category there were the Major, Minor, and women's category. The Major groups were for adults and the Minors were for teenagers. There were also tournament categories for kids.

All these events and developments have contributed and continue to add to checkers background history that influences the game's enduring development.