The 2006 US National Checkers Championship

US National Checkers Championship games have always been exciting events to watch since its inception years ago. Here is a summary of the events in the US checkers championship in 2006.

The popular Go-As-You-Please or GAYP World Champion Ron King, who comes from Barbados, won the national tournament in 2006 organized by the Amercian Checkers Federation. The victory was said to have happened by honor points. The worthy opponents were Alexander Moiseyev followed by Richard Hallet.

The decisive games were said to have been close fights since the very beginning. Hallet fought hard to almost get the world title during the mid-week portion of the tournament. It was Larry Pollard who took the Majors group title, outdoing Ryan Pronk who was almost leading the Majors game. On the other hand, it was Patrick Parker who took the Minors group title in the end.

Altogether there were 30 entries in all in this championship. A total of 18 joined the Masters category while 12 joined the Majors and Minors groups. In the women's category Kim Willis gained the highest points among females who finished the main tournament.

This US National Checkers Championship also saw the participation of 9 young people on one weekend. The "Arthur Niederhoffer" young people's checkers contest that took place from June 17 to 18 of the year saw this development. Ryan Pronks won this youth tournament in Arizona, winning by a total of 10 points. Meanwhile, Trey Stanley won the category for the younger participants which was held in North Carolina. She won over Alex Holmes, then only 7 years old.

The winners were given trophies and financial rewards that amounted to a total of $825 for the young people's category and about $7,300 for the adult categories in the main tournament. The standard game sets were 8 rounds. In the Masters category round scoring was said to have been used while the rest of the categories were judged through game scoring.

Prominent winners in the youth category were Trey and Erin Stanley, Solomon Reece, and Alex Holmes. Also present in the tournament were Jerry Jacobsen, Vince Delong, Anker Studsgaard, Terry Mazzocco, Loius Cowie, and Tony Kozenski—all popular checkers enthusiasts but non-participants.

US National checkers Championship events are fun-filled activities where checker players and aficionados meet amid the festive though stressful atmosphere. Like this US championship, where spectators and the media witnessed the events and treated to lots of free drinks, the occasion was made more special.