Controversial 2003 World Checkers Championship

In 2003 an important match happened t establish who really was world checkers champion at the time. The match was a long awaited one and when the result was finally released Alexander Moiseyev was hailed world champion. Here are the developments that led to this event.

In the year 2000 Alexander Moiseyev hurdled the local US National Championship. Being the US champion he became eligible to be a worthy challenger against the then reigning world champion Ron King. King held the world title then. The next year, 2001, Moiseyev played against England's checkers champion William Docherty. That match favored Moiseyev with a score of 5-4-11.

In the same year the American Checkers Federation of ACF decided to make a contract with the reigning 3-Move checkers champion Ron King. The contract fund was worth only $3,000 which was lower than what King thought was proper for a world champion. However, the contract only had a 60-day lapse period beyond which King's title would be nullified. As a result, negotiations were initiated by the King camp to which ACF objected.

Finally, 60 days lapsed, forcing the ACF board to jointly nullify King's world checkers title due to the unsigned contract King found inappropriate. And not content with this, the ACF even disqualified King from the Marion Tinsley Memorial Tournament in 2002. This tournament was a 3-Move national checkers-type to be held in Las Vegas. The winner in this tilt was supposed to qualify for the world championship.

Because then world checkers champion Ron King had been disqualified and unable to join the tournament in Las Vegas, an Elbert Lowder qualified for the world championship. Thus, in 2002 Lowder challenged Moiseyev for the world title. Moiseyev easily lambasted Lowder and won the world title with a score of 12-0-17.

And then, in 2003, after a series of events that led to a final meeting between two big names in world checkers, Alexander Moiseyev finally won over Ron King. The score was 8-2-25. Moiseyev became world champion. According to King he was not really prepared for the world contest at that time and some observers seemed to confirm this. But many also noted how King did so well.

The most controversial in this event was the defective clock used especially when game 27 was happening. King reportedly lost a lot as far as time left was concerned.

World checkers champion Alexander Moiseyev proved himself worthy of the international crown. He won against great champions and bested checkers giant Ron King in the end.