Some Intriguing Checkers Trivia

There are some interesting facts about checkers that we should know about as beginners and intermediate players. This might help us to some tips about improving our play.

More young people enjoy checkers than they enjoy chess. The first thing they learn to play is checkers and then later gradually also learn to play chess. We can say checkers is a forerunner of chess in this case. It prepares the wit and skill of young players for chess. This checkers fact is significant in that it is better to learn checkers first then later switch to chess.

But most adults are more interested in chess than in checkers. Chess has more challenging situations and complex strategies than checkers has. In some parts of the world chess is looked upon as a higher board game compared to checkers. Chess is treated as an urban game while checkers a parochial one. However, the truth is, both have their distinct merits that's it's hard to say which is really better.

Among facts about checkers that we should know is that the 8 by 8 (8 rows by 8 columns) checkers board is the popular type played in the US, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and some countries in Asia. In England, the 8 by 9 board is also popular and is known as draughts. But more widely used is the 10 by 10 checkers board, especially in Eastern Europe.

In America checkers is sometimes known as Polish Checkers. In some countries they call it International Draughts. Today, those who are accustomed to 8 by 8 boards are starting to use 10 by 10 boards, and vice versa. This checkers versions popularity is a result of swapping challenges instigated by the International Checkers Hall of Fame. As a result, the 8 by 8 board is fast becoming a second preference in Spain, Italy, and other parts of Europe.

To be sure, checkers does not enjoy the popularity that chess does today. Checkers grandmasters are not as popular as chess grandmasters. However, checkers still has lots of challenges to offer its players and would-be enthusiasts as chess still has many "unsolved mysteries" that baffle a lot of players. A lot of checkers strategies and new moves wait to be discovered. A lot of improvements and new features need to be adopted in the game to further its evolution.

Facts about checkers ought to grow continually to stimulate its progress. One way is to look back to its past and derive new features from it.