1962-1996 - Checkers champions line up the checkers hall of fame for years. Checkers champions and teams fought for their right to be recognized in the world.

Alquerque to Fierges to Draughts - Checkers history has undergone a lot of changes and developments. From an ancient game to a modern past time, checkers history has been progressive.

Computer Checkers Program - The Chinook checkers computer program was the first program for checkers. Later it became among the checkers computer programs widely used.

From Traditional to Computer Boards - Checkers history from its ancient board form till its computerized version took decades. Numerous exciting events make up checkers history.

Checker types in International Games - The different types of checkers have their advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the types of checkers will give us added vital knowledge.

Checkers Championship History from 1847 to 1900 - World checkers history is often marked by exciting developments. Amazing great players figured in World checkers history from 1847 to 1900.

Checkers Literature in Europe (1668-1861) - Checkers history in Europe was accompanied by the development of checkers literature. Checkers history in Europe was well defined and documented.

Checkers as Le Jeu Plaisant De Dames - Checkers history regarding the plaisant type dates back to the 12th century. Plaisant checkers history also saw a lot of innovations on the game.

Controversial 2003 World Checkers Championship - World checkers champion Alexander Moiseyev in 2003 did well to deserve the title. He won against big names in world checkers championship.

Other Forms of Checkers in Other Countries - Checkers variants in other countries differ in some respects. But these differences among checkers variants may well be adopted to our checkers games.

Records on Checkers Origin - Most historical records on checkers show it was first introduced in ancient Egypt. Then historical records on checkers show it gradually evolved.

Samuel's and The Duke Checkers Programs - The Samuel program for checkers was a breakthrough in checkers analysis. Later, the Duke program for checkers did better to improve checkers.

Some Intriguing Checkers Trivia - Some facts about checkers need to be reviewed to see where the game should be going. The past can help update and add to present facts about checkers.

The 2006 US National Checkers Championship - US National Checkers Championship events are exciting ocasions to witness. In the 2006 US National Checkers Championship popular players won.

World Checkers Championship 1900 to 1933 - The world checkers championship, started in the 1800s, was followed by several more. World checkers championships produced strong pioneers.

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