World Checkers Championship 1900 to 1933

When checkers was still in its fledgling stage in world history these are some of the exciting events that happened. Here is a summary of the 1900 to 1933 world checkers championships.

In 1900 it was a close fight among the US, England, and Scotland. American Charles F. Baker tried to take the title from Richard Jordan who later defeated the Scottish player Harry Freedman in 1902. Then in 1905, when world checkers teams played against each other, England won effortlessly against America in the First International Match. This was after matches between England and Scotland were held.

In 1912 the controversial Alfred Jordan challenged to wrestle with anyone in the world who dared play against him at checkers. For a while the challenge remained unanswered. The then Scottish champion, James Ferrie, refused to take the challenge. Then a man named Robert Stewart from Scotland dared accept the challenge, but the much awaited match never happened. It was American Newell W. Banks who actually answered the challenge and played against Jordan ending in a tie in 1914 but Jordan was still considered world champion then.

It was in 1917 that Jordan lost to Banks who moved to America to try his luck there. But Jordan only always ended up second in national competitions there. Then in 1922 Robert Stewart of Scotland won against Banks and a re-match for world checkers championship never happened between them again.

There was a Second International Match held in 1927 where the American team smashed the English team unrelentingly, thanks to the incredible checkers wit of American Sam Gonotsky. But his untimely demise some years after was a heavy blow against the US team. Meanwhile, Banks grabbed the international title in 1934 because of Stewart's stubborn refusal for a re-match. But in the same year Asa Long of the US won over Banks. In this match the 3-move restriction was imposed—the initial 3 moves in the game were chosen at random.

In England, the heralded champion was still Stewart at this time. At the same time the official national checkers organization here decided that the 2-move restriction rule be part of professional checkers. Since this time England had been producing world champions. After some deliberations, the US and England came into terms and became united in their decisions on world championships.

World checkers championship history is full of exciting events that tested the mettle and resolve of world checkers champions for a niche in history. The championship was pioneered by Scottish, American, and English players.